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Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth review

15 hours of finger-pointing shouldn't be this good


  • Lovely new character sprites
  • Filled with terrific character personalities
  • Upholds the writing smarts


  • More of a cartoon than a game
  • Needs more menace
  • Doesn't do a whole lot new

Owner of the finest pink suit in all gamedom, Miles Edgeworth has developed a cult following as the %26ldquo;hold it!%26rdquo; to Phoenix Wright%26rsquo;s %26ldquo;objection!%26rdquo;. Ace Attorney Investigations turns the tables, letting us see how the other half %26ndash; the prosecution %26ndash; lives.

In a radical move for the series, courtroom tussles are gone, but any fervent Wright-head can spot the constituent parts. Cases still revolve around investigation, cross examination and lots of dramatic pointing. Being out and about benefits the flow %26ndash; without a judge overlooking proceedings, cases can unfold more naturally, with snappier testimonies punctuated with more sleuthing. We do miss the judge%26rsquo;s bumbling old man routine, though.

Thanks to a new third-person view of the scene you even get to see the legs of characters previously only known as torsos. And decked out in pink trousers, what a pair of legs Edgeworth has. And what a cast they are joined by; the great and the good of the Wright-verse popping in for cameos. But while the nostalgia gland goes into overdrive, we%26rsquo;re not sure if the new story holds up. Edgeworth%26rsquo;s female assistant is well written, but his philosophy-spouting rival hardly gives Edgeworth the grief he gave to Wright back in the day.

Where Wright%26rsquo;s outings balanced comedy and surprising brutality (you are, after all, sentencing criminals to death) Edgeworth%26rsquo;s case lacks the same subtle viciousness. In particular, the finale is missing a monstrous opponent. Yes, the jolly fan service is never soiled by unpleasantness, but for a prosecutor famed for his bite, Edgeworth can sometimes lack teeth.

Feb 16, 2010

More Info

Description<p>This is a very good little spin-off with jolly fan service that's never soiled by unpleasantness, but for a prosecutor famed for his bite, Edgeworth can sometimes lack teeth.</p>
Franchise nameAce Attorney
UK franchise nameAce Attorney
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating12+
Alternative namesPerfect Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth
Release date:16 February 2010 (US), 19 February 2010 (UK)
Available platforms:DS
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