A gentleman's guide to losing at StarCraft II

Winners won’t take full advantage of the ability to zoom in the camera with their mouse’s scroll wheel – and that’s their loss. StarCraft II is gorgeous and Blizzard has lavished every unit and structure with tons of details. We especially like how many units now change slightly in appearance when they’ve been upgraded. For example, Zergling units now sprout wings once you’ve researched their speed boost.

Above: Someone’s in our base, killing our doodz – and it looks spectacular

Of course, playing with the camera zoomed in isn’t very practical for those who care about winning. Winners don’t care about how awesome the Terran Thor looks as it stomps its way towards the frontlines of battle. They care about the most efficient build-order to climb the tech tree and produce them. They care about how its armor value and hit points factor in to its damage output and cost. But we care about how cool the Thor looks. We care a lot. And you should too. So make sure to stop and admire the view whenever possible, even if it means letting your opponent get the upper hand.

Above: Pause production to admire the detailed model of the Terran Thor