9 things real female gamers hate about gaming

You've seen the stereotypes. The "GRRL" girl, the "Yeah,-I'm-a-girl,-but-I'll-kick-your-ass" girl, the "celebugamer." While these girls do exist, hey, there're us regular-type girls who play videogames, too. Most of the gamer chicks you see promoting themselves on the internet love attention more than gaming, or are paid to adopt that stereotypical “girl gamer” persona, but what about the rest of us girls –  the ones who actually play videogames? We’re stealthily walking among you like ninjas – and man, do we have a lot to hate about gaming.

Contributors: Lizzie Cuevas, Cheryll Del Rosario

1. "Well, you don't LOOK like a gamer..."

Why, because I showered? See how stereotypes feel? We’re just as varied as anyone else, but most assume we must be hideously grotesque heifers who lose controllers into the folds of our fat palms like we’re made of coconut-scented quicksand. Unless, of course, we’re wearing Fragdolls T-shirts or Zelda tramp stamps, which is the other acceptable female gamer stereotype.

Above: Thanks – FOR NOTHING 

Above: Obvs a grrl gamer 

We don't all wear our love for videogames on our sleeves, just like we're sure you don't wear videogame novelty shirts every day... right? Right?

2. Honey, we've heard them all before

So you're playing an online game, and you hear yet another prepubescent boy over your headset... but wait, that's no boy! It's a girl! So naturally, you tell her to go back to the kitchen. Funny. Slap yourself on the wrist, you bad, bad boy. Your three seconds of stand-up was only funny the first time, when the other douchebag said it six matchmaking lobbies ago. No one laughed then, either, and no one’s laughing now… probably because you sound fat.

3. We don’t always want to talk about videogames

Great, you met a girl who plays videogames – now you can ALWAYS talk about videogames with her! False. Just because we share a common interest doesn’t mean we don’t have other interests, too, and we know you also have other interests.

Guys love to dumb themselves down to ask us videogame-related questions, just for the novelty of talking to a girl about videogames. We’re not Google, asshat. And don’t condescend, there’s nothing worse. That said…

4. Not interested!

Just because we’re interested in videogames doesn’t mean we’re interested in you. Once word gets out that there’s a female gamer in the vicinity, guys lose their shit. We’re forced to leave our headsets muted when playing online to avoid the inevitable “So, do you have a boyfriend?” We wanna play the damn game, not hook up with you, kthx. Want a hook-up? Go to…

5. GameCrush

Earlier this week, GameCrush’s public beta was launched. The service enables male gamers to pay to play with attractive female gamers (“PlayDates”). The guys can choose to have their experience be either “flirty” or “dirty.” Ew. This kind of objectification of female gamers just furthers the idea that real female gamers don't exist, or that if they play, they must be ugly.

6. Most of us don't actually like "chick" games

Because they're all stupid. Either the Lisa Frank-esque box art reeks of pastels, or the game’s title is misspelled, or there’s some combination of the two. Wait, you mean you MEANT to put a 'z' at the end of the game? Oh, howz cutez!!!!1 Tell the LOLcat who works at your company we don’t need literal reassurance that your game isn’t Call of Duty.

Above: Girlzzzz gamezzzz zzz 

Above: NOW it's a girl's game! 

And while Cooking Mama is fun and all, why do most cooking games have a chick on the cover? Piss off and cook your own damn meal.

Above: The sad reality (thanks to AJ Glasser for the Papa concept)

7. Stupid female character outfits

We realize games are largely based in fantasy, but could character designers get a little more creative with how they clothe their females? Male characters in games get tricked-out armor suits, iconic headgear (Master Chief comes to mind) and outfits that fit their surroundings. Meanwhile, female characters are left with only sashes and a smile.

Above: More of Samus, less of… the other stuff 

8. Yes, Paul Ryan, we do hate going into videogame stores

Don’t get us wrong – we get excited with each purchase of a new game. (After all, we do love shopping~!!! LOL!!) But we hate going into a videogame store, only to be directed to the Nintendo section or have the employees look at us like some lost sheep who strayed away from our boyfriends. Bitch, this copy of Halo is MINE.

9. Grrrl Gamers and anything relating to "female gaming empowerment"

Which kind of implies that we hate this article, but it is GamesRadar’s Week of Hate, so maybe we do. HATE!

Just because we're girls who enjoy spending hours in front of a TV pressing buttons, that does not mean we need to join your community, blog, Facebook group or Twitter-feed-sorority-clustershart of gaming-girl goodness. We like playing games. We are girls. These things don't necessarily need to be tied together, nor do we feel the need to have special treatment because we’re both. And if we happen to want to spend 31 hours perfecting our chopping techniques in Cooking Mama instead of having an equally enjoyable Modern Warfare 2 estrogen-fest against the boys, we shouldn't be considered less of a gamer than you.

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  • Spritle101 - September 17, 2014 10:34 p.m.

    Good lord, the amount of typos in my post....Why no edit button?
  • Spritle101 - September 17, 2014 10:32 p.m.

    1)What is this "showering" you speak of? 2)Never had that problem. No one in chat has anything of value to say, so I disable it. If you're playing a MOBA or a game with Open PvP, you're ina game with shithead 13 year olds, & they're no more abusive to you then they are to absolutely every one else playing the game. If they don;t know you're a woman,they'll just call you gay. 3)Sometimes we want to talk about DC comics, Marvel comics, manga, anime, American cartoons, the 80s & 90s, Youtube... 4)Once they find out you're a chick, there's always some asshat who has to bring up Anita Sarkeesian, & he immediately assumes that you're a man-hating Feminazi. 6)Technically everything on Facebook & Bigfish Games is targeted at unemployed housewives & stay-at-home moms. Non-gamer girls sure do love dating sims & dress-up games. But I have found a genuine use for pink froo-froo games,& that's running them through Vinecorrupt to make hilarious forced glitches. 7)The problem isn't that women are wearing too little, but that male characters are mostly hideous & wearing far too much clothing. Muscles on an Elf or Mage is just wrong. & if you're in a game set in the desert or near a volcano, there's no excuse for a guy to be geared from head to toe in think metal; he should be shirtless. 8)Never happened to me. Often the clerk is also a woman.
  • GirlThatsMistakenForABoy - August 27, 2014 5:51 p.m.

    And some people wonder why I hide that I'm a girl when I play video games but don't get me wrong very few people know that I'm a girl then but that's because they're at my house playing video games with me and they're my friends.
  • intelle - August 10, 2014 10:46 p.m.

    When I play online, I never do anything to reveal my gender. Even when I'm playing with a bunch of my guy friends, my microphone is off so no one can hear my voice and have a chance to put me down because of my gender. It sucks that it has to be this way, but it's the only way I can feel equal.
  • Kctcreeper - August 9, 2014 1:17 a.m.

    Going back to what I said previously I am now going to rant about the games. Sure there are those signs that say for girls with all of those lame games under them but those are for little girls and boys too and I'm not jockeying when I say there are boys that get there mom to buy cooking mama. Heck I even tried it when I was 7 (even though I hated it). I am going to talk about two more things the first is going back to the character models. Like I said no actual gamer girl gives a flying fuck about the designs. I mean really the game designers know what they are doing. What would you think if you saw a female character with biceps bigger then her head. I would most likely think that the designer was drunk. The reason designers don't design shit like this is because they are smart, they use common sense and design the character based on her role in the game. So back off on the designs. For my final topic I am going against number 9. The girl I am in love with is a gamer girl who loves to play violent video games (and would most likely beat any boy in the entire school easily) and the entire school knows this. Nobody treats her differently. You are clearly not a true gamer because not all gamer girls are private, gamestop doesn't give them weird looks if I have to comment on this again and I will check it and maybe make a video about this YOU. WILL. BE. SORRY.
  • dianite81 - July 30, 2014 8:32 p.m.

    I would love to input that one you are talking about sexisum yet you are stereotyping guy gamers while also i Play the game for the game and if i start talking to a girl gamer it is for the same reason i do it to guy gamers to play together on the game and WIN LIKE A BOSS or see if they play any other games to see if they would love to play and not all guy gamers are douches if there is one you can simply mute them or get them kicked so yea you have choices also if you are not a gamer and you say that games shouldn't put girls in clothes like that well then too fucking bad the creators made it this way already no use and if you aren't going to play it in the first place stop whining and bitching pls
  • Kctcreeper - July 17, 2014 11:34 p.m.

    Ok this is probably the biggest price of shit I have ever seen. You talk about the sexism like it is all men that play video games. I am not saying that those people don't exist but it is just a small fraction of all gamers. I have been playing online for almost four years now and I have played with a lot of girls and I have only heard a few people hitting on them (and his is no more then five or six men) and a few other guys and myself will tell him to shut the fuck up or log off right now. From what I have just read you are the biggest stereotype ever you trash talk men And women and after reading the comments you have hurt some people. I have some friends that happen to be gamer girls who don't give a flying fuck about the character models granted they could be given a little work most female characters are badass I mean look at zelda she dresses all fancy but in super smash bros is one of the coolest characters. Also you can't just call people fat or a bitch just because of how they chose to take care of themselves that morning. I mean who gives a fuck about if a girl has a super mario bros tramp stamp. I honestly think that is pretty cool seeing how mario is one of my favorite games. You obviously didn't do your research before writing this. If someone is being sexist you could mute them or get them kicked from the server. I mean you can fix this problem easily and you can obviously not see it so next time you go to write an article like this do a little reaserch. Hopefully it will help you write something. Holy fuck this is shitty
  • Jendiah - November 1, 2014 10:36 p.m.

    You're kidding me right? Just because you don't see or hear women getting hit on when they are gaming doesn't mean it's not happening - most games and gaming systems have a way to PM someone. There isn't a single MMO that I have ever played where I wasn't hit on. So yes, there are many women out there that hide their gender, because it would be nice to play for once without being hit on.
  • angelrenate - July 7, 2014 11:45 p.m.

    In all fairness, to the point of women being unprepared for battle as in scantily clad, no armor, and booty shorts, the men are all on steroids and overly armored, and last time I checked stereotypes surrounding male gamers are also wildly inaccurate: pimple having, fast food eating, fat, no girlfriend having losers, so it goes both ways. And in my experience, guys don't assume girls aren't gamers as much as they assume that they're bad at gaming.
  • Spritle101 - September 17, 2014 10:36 p.m.

    A more accurate stereotype of male gamers is that they're all married & have beards.
  • JanellyCo - June 29, 2014 12:20 a.m.

    lol When guys say "You don't look like a gamer" it doesn't offend me. I kind of like it because when they eventually try to 1v1 me I kick their butts and the looks on their faces is priceless x)
  • grins-nbats-eyes - June 9, 2014 10:58 p.m.

    One chick does not speak for all of us girls!! I go hard and I'll own you boys ;). some scream kitchen and fatty that is true but most of them are either lil boys or men that are waiting for their brain to age with their bodies. Ignore the lil turd and kick his ass in the game. shut the turd up for good. it only means he will be the first lil prick to cry when his ass gets owned by a chick rofl. But There are a lot of great guys gaming too. I don't get any complaints just only by the ones i've made my bitch in an online session LOL.
  • PixelatedDream - April 12, 2014 2:15 p.m.

    I've seen this article before and every time I read it, it annoys me more and more. First it's incredibly hypocritical. It's apparently okay to go on a rant about how female gamers aren't treated fairly and have stereotypes, while at the same time using male stereotypes. I think what bothers me most about this though is the fact that suddenly if your not just the right kind of female gamer, you're not a "Real" female gamer. I'm a house wife and I spend probably 8 hours a day gaming. But i'm also proud to be who I am. I liked to advertise that I was a gamer, not because I wanted attention, just because I was proud of who I was. I stopped because of articles like this where suddenly I was a "Grrl" gamer and couldn't have pride without being looked down upon by everyone. So now i'm forced to pretend i'm not proud to be a girl who plays video games, because if I show it too much, somebody might get mad. I think "female gamer empowerment" Is awesome, it encourages girls to be themselves and love what they want to and not what society tells them they should, but apparently there is something wrong with that. Next, what if a severely overweight female gamer read this? "hideously grotesque heifers who lose controllers into the folds of our fat palms like we’re made of coconut-scented quicksand" that is a really nice way to give people further body image issues, way to go douche. Also there could be a "real" female gamer who loves Legend of Zelda and does have a tramp stamp. So what? While it is true we all don't play girly games, you made it sound like the ones who do are some how less of a gamer. That's so wrong. Who are you to say who a real gamer is?
  • Phoelyss - May 2, 2014 2:01 a.m.

    Honestly, what makes you a real gamer is the games you play. Playing just CoD doesn't make you a gamer, it makes you a Call of Duty player. Playing just Cooking Mama, same story. Personally, if you play more than 10 DIFFERENT games, you're a gamer. Otherwise you're just a person who sometimes plays games. Kind of like reading. Reading one book in the time frame of 5 years doesn't make you a bookworm.
  • Plus1Play - April 4, 2014 12:41 p.m.

    We at Plus1Play agree with this completely! There is a lot of sexism floating around in the world, and the gaming community is no exception. What makes us proud of gamers, however, is that we so very often see great faith-restoring instances of acceptance and equality within the gaming community. It is just very unfortunate that the loudest voices are those we really don't want to hear.
  • TheMegatron - March 29, 2014 1:15 p.m.

    I don't agree with stereotyping and sexism on general principle. As such this article seems juvenile and ill conceived. You decry stereotyping at the start and then proceed to use a number of them yourself. Sexism is a 2 way street. Lumping all male gamers into a sexist and immature stereotype is just as sexist as the flipside. Point 1 argues that you don't need to fit a certain aesthetic to be a girl gamer yet a little down the page you use this "No one laughed then, either, and no one’s laughing now… probably because you sound fat." Sound fat? seriously, are u 6? Hard to hold the moral high ground when you're guilty of the same crap. Both sides need to grow the f**k up
  • MasterZoen - February 17, 2014 10:18 a.m.

    #7 seems to be a weird one depending upon who you ask. My girlfriend plays most of the same games as I do, she really enjoys sci-fi fps games and rpgs. While the hyper-sexualization of female characters doesn't bother me one way or the other, it just turns her on; she's bi and a bigger horn dog than I am! However, no matter what, we treat everyone we game with online in a respectful manner regardless of age or gender. If someone starts to upset us, we mute or block them. Simple! That said, when I showed some pics and screens to my non-gaming girl friends most of them didn't like the way female characters are portrayed. When I asked, "Why," they said it was because they felt the need to compete with a female portrayed in an unrealistic manner. I suppose this is similar to the issue with how women are portrayed in magazines, movies, and ads.
  • mary-taylor - February 17, 2014 9:09 a.m.

    I play MW3 with in a clan. The wife of one guy in my clan apparently doesn't like him playing with me. "We play together all the time" according to her. I actually got out of the party last night because last night was the first I heard about her not liking him playing with me. She was being completely hateful. "We play together all the time" according to her. That might be true but we play in a group and never just by ourselves. I play with them because they treat me with respect. They make sure other players do too. I hate that my being in the clan made her uncomfortable but the whole situation is ridiculous.
  • alysia-christina-raine - February 9, 2014 5:51 a.m.

    Yeah, it's a bit irritating when guys hit on you because you are a female gamer. I make game walkthrough videos and post them on YouTube and I don't know how many times I've had guys flirt with me just because of that. They would tell me that I had a sexy voice and that they wish that I'd give them head. Gross! I met my fiance on YouTube and he's always been very respectful. I just don't like how a lot of gamer guys can be so vulgar and disgusting.
  • natasha-lewis - February 5, 2014 12:56 p.m.

    Well, I am SO sorry for being fat and a gamer girl. I should've known I can't be both at the same time our you would have to deal with the mild annoyance of being stereotyped! BTW, I maybe fat, but I'm not grotesque, and I also take showers. And I typically don't lose my controller in my fat folds. Nice try at dehumanizing fat girls though.

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