The 42 best, funniest and weirdest photos of Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto being brilliantly odd

Above:"NO WAY! I'm going for Most Camply Dressed Game Dev Of The Year too!"

Above: Bye-bye! Enjoy your dogs!"

Above: Sudden and unprovoked attack of existential malaise mid-interview shuts Miyamoto down like a broken robot

Above: "More dogs will help! Here, I'll take yours in payment for this handshake!"

Above: "This guy! This guy right here! This is the guy!"

Above: I'll let you fill your own caption in here

Above: "And then I grabbed the punk like this! And then I punched him like this!"

Above: "And then I knocked him down like this, and then I kicked that sucker in the ribs!"

Above: "Because that's what happens when you disrespect Shigsy's guns"

Above: "'Sup, ladies"