25 Most Ridiculous Celebrity "Gamers"

7. Jenny McCarthy

Jennyseems appropriately, and convincingly, excited totest the latest fast-paced action or sports game on her Xbox 360. Just one problem - she's playing Marble Blast Ultra. What the hell could possibly have happened in Marble Blast Ultra to elicit a face like that?

There! Now THAT's the vacant, joyless expression we were expecting.

Nothing says "heart throb" like spiked hair, a tight black t-shirt and tighter blue jeans. Nothing says "aging, desperate heart throb in need of publicity" like playing DS in front of a ceiling-high Mario mural.

9. Mario Lopez

Poor Mario Lopez. His career has sunk so low, he has to stand next to Fergie Fudgehog for a paycheck. Then again... poor Fergie Fudgehog. She has to stand next to Mario Lopez for free.