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Xbox One and PS4 go head-to-head at the T3 Awards - who should win?

The annual T3 Awards take place on 17 September, and it looks like Xbox One and PS4 are going head-to-head in the 'Gaming Product of the Year' category. Sure, it's hardly a surprise - but this is one of the few times where your preference will actually make a difference. A big improvement on those aimless, deeply toxic, arguments that rage on comment threads whenever the two consoles are compared. This time the winner will get an actual award, and plenty of bragging rights.

Of course, XO and PS4 aren't the only pieces of gaming tech in contention for the award. You could also plump for Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive. There's even a Razer Blade in there too, trying to assert its claim for best gaming laptop. So, pop over to T3 - which is one of our lovely sister-sites - and make your opinion count. We reckon the vote will be damn close, because Microsoft has made up a hell of a lot of ground since its shaky new-gen launch, and it has ALL the big games this Christmas.

While you're there, why not vote for the rest of your favourite tech too, and you might just win a Chromebook. Maybe you're one of those people who bought an Apple Watch and convinced yourself that you like it (sorry, we're trolling you here), or someone who has a passion for cars and cameras - again, you'll be able to vote for your faves.