Would Damon snub Trekkies?

Poor old JJ Abrams, eh? He’s barely announced his intension to dust off a Captain Kirk-era Star Trek tale and he’s potentially losing actors he hasn’t even cast yet…

The word around Movieland is that the Lost supremo was after Bourne Supremacy star Matt Damon to fill the big leather chair on the bridge of the Enterprise.

With a movie that is said to follow the early exploits of Captain James T Kirk and his pointy-lugged sidekick Mr Spock, Abrams was keen to nab a leading man that could capture the charisma joyfully displayed by Trek legend William Shatner.

Although Damon fits the bill, Dogma helmer Kevin Smith doesn’t think JJ will get Matt to bite.

“I wonder if Matt would even do it. He's usually not that interested in treading where others have trod. He likes to break new ground,” Smith stated. “But if they wind up casting Matt as Kirk, they should cast Ben Affleck as Spock. It seems like a no-brainer!”

Thankfully, we’re sure Mr Abrams has more imagination than that… although judging on how Lost is panning out…[nowt wrong with Lost young man - Online Ed ]