Worms: Open Warfare

There comes a time in everyone's life where you're so damn bored or burned out that you actuallyflop down onto your couch watch an entire TV show about bugs, spiders and the various other creatures that inhabit your yard. At some point, they have to defend their turf from an invading 70-eyed predator, and that's kinda what Worms: Open Warfare is all about. Except both factions are armed with the latest short and long range weapons the world has to offer.

The structure is one that's been around since the simplest of gaming days: strike at the opposing team in turn-based conflicts. Missiles will shoot into the sky and fall back down to earth at a set angle, but it's up to you to aim them correctly using some basic geometry (or more likely, eyeballing it). The same goes for the 20 other instruments of destruction, including homing missiles, dynamite sticks or volatile sheep bombs - which, unfortunately for the wooly weapons, are exactly what they sound like. There are so many ways to take out your fellow worms that you have to wonder:where did such reckless hate come from? But Worms never takes itself that seriously, offering adorable, animated graphics and a mellow musical element that do anything but reinforce the violence.