World of Warcraft Battlegrounds first look

This latest World of Warcraft expansion provides players with some pursuits that are more commonly associated with first-person shooters, such as that perennial favourite capture the flag.

Once within the Battlegrounds playing field - which was apparently designed by one of the level designers from the original Quake, although Blizzard wouldn't confirm which one (John Romero, maybe?) - players simply locate a minigame hub and wait to join in the merriment.

By engaging in the activities offered in Battlegrounds, players can accrue Honor Points, which can be carried over into the main game, allowing for item purchases and character upgrades.

By encouraging players to earn Honor Points within Battlegrounds, Blizzard are hoping that it will act as a countermeasure against the widespread ganking (group muggings instigated by players as an easy way to gain Honour Points) that has become a nuisance within World of Warcraft since the Honour System was first introduced.