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7)Korg DS music

If you’re still in two minds about whether to pick up the Korg DS-10 music cart (which will hopefully come out in the US), check out thiscollection of trackscreated for an online competition. They’re all 100% DS-generated, and should give you a decent idea of what the Korg cart can do.

8)Monster SNES pad

Got a few sheets of MDF and some grey paint lying around? (And have a working knowledge of electrical engineering?) Why not try making a ginormous SNES controller? It’s fully functional, although you might have some trouble pulling off Zangief’s spinning piledriver. We’re still waiting for the first giant Wii Remote mod.

9)Toad’s theme

Indie band The Mountain Goats have written a song from the perspective of Toad in Super Mario Bros. It’s called Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle, and while we don’t think it’s likely to make it onto the soundtrack of the next Mario game, it’s a bit different from the usual videogame-related songs we hear.

10)Bag for life

Carrying a plastic bag is rapidly becoming about as socially acceptable as sharting explosively in a packed elevator, so here’s a fine alternative. It’s made from old T-shirts, it’s loads better than those ‘bags for life’ that everyone winds up throwing in the bin, and it shows you care. About games.

11)Post-it Snorlax

Pokemon fans! Are you within pilfering distance of a stationery cupboard that’s well-stocked with coloured Post-it notes? Check this out, and get to work! We’re not sure what we’re going to make out of the pale yellow oblong ones they’ve given us, but we’re having them anyway. Maybe we can colour some with the 200 black markers we liberated last week and make a Pikachu.

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