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World Gamerscore record holder reaches 500,000

The Guinness Book of World Records highest Gamerscore entrant fortwo years in a row can't stop now, andXbox 360 fanatic Stallion83 isn't - he's just become the first in the world to reach half-a-million points on the 360 Achievement system.

We don't even want to know how many Hannah Montana and Disney movie-themed games this guy has had to endure to keep pumping up that score, but it's nevertheless quite a stellar accomplishment.

Above: Feel inadequate yet?

He even made the moment more awesome by recording the achievement that brought him up to 500,000. It was in the episodic DLC game Wallace & Gromit Episode 4: The Bogey Man. The achievement was a 20 pointer titled "Tournament of Chumps," which is awarded to players for completing chapterthree of the game. Pretty anticlimactic if you ask us, but whatever.

Prior to that unlock, Stallion83 had exactly 499,980 Gamerscore points, allowing him to have a perfectly clean score of 500,000.

Stallion83 runs a blog called"1 Million Gamerscore"with whichhe chronicles his gaming expeditions on hisquest to reach the seemingly unattainable seven-figure point total.

"I'm finally half way there. Its been one hell of a journey so far. Thanks for following me and thanks to everyone that helped me along the way. It's going to be a long process getting to 1,000,000, but hopefully I can make it there someday," wrote the adventurous, self-described "achievement junkie" in his blog.

And here's the video of him breaking 500,000 points. Marvel at it. Bow before its glory. Or if you really don't care about achievements, at least ponder what life would be like if you had as much free time as this guy.

[Source: 1 Million Gamerscore Blog]

Oct 18, 2010

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