World Cyber Games comes to Seattle

Sure, online gaming has brought competition into our households, but gamers in this country have thus far beendenied the privilege of pounding their fellow man into the dirt, in person, on any grand scale.There are more people playing Counter-Strike at any given moment than hockey, so where's our Stanley Cup? Fortunately, theWorld Cyber Games is here to provide us with out path to pageantry.

Head over to their website for details on qualifying in any of the12 official games, which include Gears of War, Counter-Strike, Command & Conquer 3, Tony Hawk, Project Gotham 3 and Crafts of both War and Star just to name a few. The name Philips amBX Cup should give you some idea of the coveted prizes to be won.

And because bullets, swords, drifts, tricks and uppercuts transcend language barriers, this is a worldwide competition. Last year the US placed fourth - C'mon Yanks, that's never going get us our own country song! This year the competitive gala will be held in Seattle, so true patriotswill mostcertainly show up and knock Asia down a peg. Victory is our only wayto redemption, people. Because in the cutthroat world of global gaming, kidnapping a mascot is not an option.

Next Year? Cologne, Germany.

March 16, 2007