Win Persona 4 and a giant schwagton of stuff

Hey kid %26ndash; want a free copy of Persona 4 for PlayStation 2? Well, of course you do! It%26rsquo;s a fantastic Japanese RPG with a wild story, great combat and a megafresh art style. It just came out, as anyone who gets publisher Atlus%26rsquo; excellent newsletter already knows (you can sign up for it at We did).

Above: The main character's Persona - Izanagi

Luckily for you, we have two copies of the game to give away. Plus, because our friends at Atlus are men and women of taste and generosity, they%26rsquo;ve also tossed us a huge pile of additional goodies to pass along to you. Naturally, we have to have a contest to see who deserves it most, but seriously, look at this haul:

TWO people will get:

Persona 4 (the game)
Teddie plushie
Japanese P4 art books (30 dollar value)
North American art book
P4 2009 calendar
Charcoal P4 t-shirt (XL)

Above: We honestly envy whoever wins this

And the Grand Prize winner will also get a special, added non-P4 prize, courtesy of GamesRadar.

So, what are we going to make you DO to get it? You%26rsquo;ve gotta make your own persona %26ndash; and we really don%26rsquo;t care if you draw it with crayons, sculpt it out of potatoes, or whatever %26ndash; then head over to the GR forums and post a picture of it inthis thread. And you have to do it by Thursday, December18, because we%26rsquo;re picking a winner first thing Friday morning. Finally, you have to live in the US. Sorry, rest of the world.

Above: Another in-game Persona for example

Your persona, for those who don%26rsquo;t know, is a demonic part of your soul %26ndash; the evil part that you don%26rsquo;t like admitting you even have %26ndash; that lives inside your mind. They have all sorts of shapes and sizes. Want your persona to look like a giant kumquat with teeth that carries a cell phone and has hamsters for feet? Go for it. Or maybe you prefer a black cat whose head is a TV or a soldier in drag who drives a jeep with bat wings instead of tires? No problem.Our only rule is no nudity %26ndash; gotta keep it clean-ish for the kids.

So %26ndash; go buy some instant potatoes and get sculpting! Or just fire up the PhotoShop. Whatever. Just do it!

Dec 12, 2008