Win a Limited Edition 20th Anniversary PS4 (UK ONLY)

UPDATE! This competition is now closed here, on Twitter and on Facebook. It took longer than anticipated to read the entries (there were 500 of them!) and thanks to everyone who entered. Your PlayStation memories are all wonderful. But the winner on-site is Philip Horton (philiphorton) from London who so poetically described the death and astonishing rebirth of his beloved PSone. The winner from Twitter is Gregor Wright from Glasgow. Your shiny (well, grey) Limited Edition 20th Anniversary PS4s will be with you very soon! As for the Facebook winner, we are still trying to contact you! So if you entered that competition, do check your promotions inbox in Facebook. You might have won! We'll announce the winner here when we've confirmed they're eligible.

Original competition text follows but don't enter because it's closed.

How would you like to win a Limited Edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4? Yes, we thought they were all gone too, but no! GamesRadar+ has teamed up with Sony to bring our UK readers an incredibly exciting competition.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these amazing limited edition consoles is this:

Tell us your favourite PlayStation moment in the comments below this article.

What kind of moment? It can be anything, from what you felt when you first unwrapped your PSone on Christmas day, to a cool thing you did in a game... anything goes. The one that stands out to us most will win the console.

Make sure you read our full competition terms and conditions. And apologies to our non-UK readers, but this competition is open to UK residents only. The competition will close on January 30, 2015 and the winner will be contacted via the GamesRadar direct messaging system (so keep an eye out or you might miss it). The winner will need to provide a UK postage address so we can send the prize.

Justin Towell

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