Win a world of your own with GamesRadar

Oct 10, 2007

'Second Life meets Steam' is what we called A World Of My Own back when it was announced, which sounded an enticing prospect whichever way you cut it. Now, we're going one step better, and teaming up with AWOMO to give you a chance to win a lifetime's subscription to the games-on demand download service.

This social world, complete with designated areas for game downloads and so on, is currently in the beta stage. You can get involved with this for free, thanks to a deal between ourselves and Game Domain International, AWOMO's developers. Just complete this form[that's] and away you AWOMO. Ah ha ha.

But what about the free subscription, you crow. Well, if you sign up using the GamesRadar/GDI beta form, you'll also be entered into a draw to win a Golden Ticket, giving you a Willy Wonka-style treat. Only instead of chocolate, it's a lifetime's subscription to the service. Yum!

Anyway, you're probably itching to get started, so we'll let you get on. Just don't forget the address if you want your chance to win that Golden Ticket. It's: Enjoy!