Wii-mote control problems?

Thursday 31 August 2006
Wii could be in for a rough ride as Nintendo experiences production problems with the new console's wireless, motion-sensing remote control.

Prototypes of the Wii-mote are still being tested and problems with button responsiveness, the difficulty of pressing two buttons at once and the easily damaged shell of the controller appear to have prevented Nintendo from beginning the mass production of its next console.

Although Nintendo has yet to even confirm a release date - we should find out the details when it throws a Wii party in mid-September - delays to production could cause shortages in shops or even a shift in Ninty's launch plans. The testing problems were reported by a Chinese gaming website, who claims to have been invited by a friend to visit the factory responsible for building the Wii-motes.

Above: The Wii controller is an innovative piece of tech, and it's believable that Nintendo might hit teething troubles

While we're sceptical of this sort of 'friend of a friend' reportage, if Nintendo isn't confident about hitting a specific launch date it would explain the company's elusive stance on Wii's big day.

Nintendo was unavailable for comment at the time of writing but we'll be hounding them for assurance that Wii is right on track. Whatever track that might be.