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Wii lead over PS3 shrinking

Nov 2, 2007

The Wii is still selling twice as fast as the PS3 in Japan, as figures for October have shown, but things are starting to pick up for Sony's slow burner.

Nintendo sold 110,415 consoles in October, compared to 47,183 PS3 sales, according to figures compiled by Japanese magazine publisher Enterbrain.

October is the fourth month in a row which saw the gap between PS3 and Wii sales shrink, as the Wii's 6-1 lead over the PS3 posted in June has slowly settled on 2-1 in that region.

Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 trails with 18,717 sales in the same period.

Mario Galaxy is also out and about in Japan, so we expect Wii to pick up the pace again. Where's Sony's killer Christmas game?

Above: Could the PS3 finally put an end to Nintendo's mascot plumber?

Courtesy of CVG.