Why WoW players should switch to WAR

Grinding. Grinding. Grinding. Everyone complains about how killing enemies ad nauseam in MMOs sucks. WAR has its fair share of grinding, but it never feels like a grind. Part of it has to do with the way the game cuts out all the unnecessary time sinks.

You'll never find yourself sitting in a field of corpses, waiting for more enemies so you can try to get that fifth hunk of wolf meat to drop. Instead, WAR keeps things fast-paced with a quick respawn rate so you can get your killing done and move on without any unnecessary thumb twiddling.

Death penalties are minor and can be cured by NPC healers in hubs for a low cost. Your health and mana also regenerate quickly after battle, so there's no need for a cooking profession to alleviate downtime between battles.

Above: WAR is the most accessible and hardcore MMO we've played

But the main reason why grinding never feels like a grind in WAR is because everything you do (and we do mean everything), level ups some aspect of your character or contributes to your faction's war efforts. Even when you're just questing on your own, you're still playing an important part in your server's group effort to conquer the other side's capital city. Once that city has been looted, pillaged, and burned to the ground, the server will reset and the epic war will rage on again.

Make no mistake. WoW is awesome it’s not going anywhere. Lord of the Rings: Online is great. And there are elements of Age of Conan that are excellent. But WAR is the best MMO out there right now, and as servers continue to swell with more players it keeps getting better. That's why we've switched to WAR. Anyone who likes fantasy, leveling up, and PvP should consider doing the same. Even if you don't normally like PvP, you will after playing WAR. We simply can't recommend it enough.

Oct 2, 2008

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