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Why playing Bioshock 2 makes me feel like a tramp

Over a period of several hours, I monitored my activities in Bioshock 2 and created this pie-chart to get the point across visually and with less words:

As you can see, a staggeringly significant portion of time in Rapture is spent scavenging the floor and picking up anything that happens to be lying around. This, based purely on casual observations, is what I imagine it is like to be a tramp. Making the experience even more tramp-like, is my inability to pass a bin or ashtray in the game without giving it a thorough ransacking.

Here is a list of some of the popular actions performed in Bioshock 2 rated with an affirmative tick or negative cross based on whether those actions are also considered to be the habits of a tramp.

I know other games involve a certain amount of scavenging and hunting through trash receptacles, but Bioshock 2 (and Bioshock before it) has taken the concept of converting real-life tramp habits into game mechanics and elevated the practice to a whole new level.

Am I alone in this, or have you also experienced feelings of being in a tramp-like state while playing Bioshock? Anyone?

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