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"Why do pr**ks go in c***s?"

Nov 8, 2007

RPG The Witcher's script has suffered "drastic" cuts and parts - including strong swear words - hacked away in its translation to the English language from the Polish original.

"Yes, it's true. My writing partner and I worked on the English adaptation of the script (based on the translation from the Polish script). It was edited down considerably, not because of censorship, though", writer Sande Chenhas said in response to the translation issues pointed out by - in some cases irate - gamers.

Despite that fact that censorship may well have not been responsible for the edit, an example of how the English version of the script differs from the Polish original points out the removal of strong swear words.

A line from the original script reads: "Why do pr**ks go in c***s? It's the natural order of things. Humans have always disliked dwarves and elves. Not for me to know why", which has now been changed in the English-language version to: "Humans have always hated dwarves and elves."

Several more examples of how the script has been altered have appeared in aforum post.

"It is sad that not all was able to be retained, but the cuts were ideally done in a fashion so as to keep as much of the original meaning as possible", Chen has said further on the issue in a blog post.

"We think CDProjekt [The Witcher developer] has done a phenomenal job", Chen added.

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Source: Shacknews

Courtesy of CVG