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What is wrong with The Witcher 3's horse?

Turns out the most magical thing in The Witcher 3 (opens in new tab)isn't griffons or anything with a surplus of elbows, but rather just Gerald's humble horse. Or "Holy Jesus crap what the hell's that?' as we call him.

See? That is not right.

However, it gets weirder. There's an invisible one, just in case you found the normal version too easy to find:

Then there are the ones that have an altogether more mystical take on physics:

Giddy up indeed.

Sometimes, they just... like a certain level of ventilation.

Or just can't be bothered to wait around for things so mortal as 'getting off'.

Geralt, though? He's fine with it. Aren't you Geralt?

Leon Hurley
Senior Guides Co-ordinator

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