Watch Rubi get WET!

Aug 21, 2007

Meet Rubi, the star of WET. She's a problem solver, and if you've got the cash she'll shoot and slice your worries away. Expect Rubi to sport the usual set of skills you'd expect from your everyday action star. Armed with two pistols and a samurai sword, she jumps, slides, wall runs, and slows things down with bullet time.

But it's the slick way Rubi moves that sets her apart from other gun star heroes like Lara Croft or Tequila. She moves with style, and blasts away at bad guys non-stop with WET's auto-aiming feature while contorting her body in all sorts of imaginative positions. But formaximum efficiency,you'll want to manually target multiple enemies while flowing in super slow motion for those John Woo moments. Close quarter kills also activate cinematic finishing moves that have Rubi mercilessly filleting mercenaries.

Above: Unlike some action heroes, Rubi doesn't summon a flock of pigeons when she starts her slow-mo shooting

Will WET be slicker than Stranglehold, sexier than Tomb Raider, or just another third-person shooter? You've seen and played plenty of games like WET before, but from what we've seen in the video below, our interest is piqued. With a rocking Western song and hefty helpings of bullets and swordplay, WETlooks like the video game version ofKill Bill we've always wanted. Want to see more of Rubi? Expect more revealing details on how this sexy shooter is shaping up as its 2008 release date draws nearer. In the meantime, click on the Images tab above for the latest screenshots.