Watch No Man's Sky's weird creatures get a classic Disney introduction

Part of the fun in No Man's Sky is discovering the multitude of cute, bizarre, and otherworldly animals inhabiting the plethora of planets in the galaxy. So we figured why not introduce them to you in the style of another pop culture icon that boasted a large number of furry and scaley critters:

Behold, the animals of No Man's Sky, in the style of Disney's Robin Hood.

Oo-de-lally oo-de-lally, golly what a day!

Sidenote: did you ever notice that this is the same music from The Hamster Dance? Sidenote to that: did you know that if you look up The Hamster Dance on YouTube, you'll want to watch related videos like Crazy Frog and The Gummy Bear Song and you'll just keep tumbling down this auto-tuned hole forever and ever?

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Image: Disney

Sam Prell

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