Watch 15 minutes of No Man's Sky gameplay and get a feel for space survival

 No Man's Sky (opens in new tab) is an ambitious, if vaguely defined, game. Sure we know that there are 18 quintillion planets and that procedural generation will make the various ecosystems of said heavenly bodies unique and different, but what do you do? Well, that question has been quite thoroughly answered thanks to a 15-minute playthrough, which you can watch below: 

I always like seeing these sorts of long-form playthroughs, especially with developers on-hand to explain what's happening. Trailers can get me hyped, but they don't go into the nitty-gritty of things like menus and dialogue trees. Personally, unless I know that I'll be able to understand a game and wrap my head around its systems, I'm always left feeling a bit unsure.

And I admit, I felt that way about No Man's Sky. Now that I know there will be "choose your own adventure"-style interactions and other civilized races to meet up with, I'm far more interested. Even if the genocidal rampage on display in the video also slightly terrifies me.

No Man's Sky will blast off on PS4 and PC on June 21.

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Sam Prell

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