Wasp must save a friendship and the world in Avengers Beyond #2

Wasp flies out at the reader
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Things have been stranger than usual for The Avengers lately. Earth's mightiest heroes have been dealing with a barrage of new threats, but something has been tinkering with their memories. What's going on? 

In Avengers Beyond #1, by Derek Landy and Greg Land, we learned the truth: the Beyonder is back and has been manipulating events. As a near-omnipotent being and the architect of the original Secret Wars, he's a pretty significant foe in the Marvel canon. The new comic, however, suggests that there's something that even he's afraid of: the Lost One.

This god-like being is the force that created the Beyonders in the first place. Having stolen some of his immense power, they imprisoned him for all eternity. Well, now the Lost One has broken loose and he wants revenge. On the run from this new old foe (and his emissary Tiamok) the Beyonder has turned to his "friends" the Avengers for help.

Check out Greg Land and Frank D'Armata's cover and an exclusive preview of the new issue below.

The Wasp flies above a body.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Here's Marvel's official solicit for the issue: 

As violence tears New York apart, and ordinary citizens become crazed, super-powered thugs with nothing but wanton destruction on their minds, Janet Van Dyne - A.K.A. the wonderfully winsome Wasp - fights to save not only the lives of her fellow heroes, but also a friendship. Which is not easy when that particular friend is trying to bash her head in.

Join us for a story of nonstop action and relentless adventure that dares to ask the big questions, such as: How much punching is too much punching? The answer may surprise you.*

* But it probably won't.

Avengers Beyond #2 is published by Marvel Comics on April 26.

You can find out everything you need to know about the original Secret Wars here.

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