Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

The tabletop-inspired strategy ringmasters at Relic are upping the bloody potential of their smash-hit Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War RTS with an expansion, Dark Crusade.

Relic pulled the curtain back on the expansion for an early look during E3, and revealed a game that had the polish and content of an entire sequel. A completely new single player campaign for control of the planet Kronus has been added, in addition to two entirely new races.

First of the newcomers are the Tau, easily the most popular race for players just starting out on the tabletop. Known for brutalizing their opponents from a distance, the Tau will dish out long-range beatdowns with their high-tech hand cannons. While unassailable in a shooting match, these manga-inspired soldiers will take a punishment up close. Tactical awareness of their weak armor is key to success.

Almost the polar opposite of the Tau are the Necrons, an ancient race of immortal, soulless warriors. These sinister skeletal soldiers employ fearsome Gauss weapons that literally strip their enemies' molecules away from their bodies. They also repair themselves during battle, making them hated and feared by all the Warhammer races for their nearly indestructible nature.

Visual proof has arrived today of the cataclysmic potential of the two new challengers to the Warhammer 40K crown, so be sure to hit the images tab above for a preview of the carnage. Click the images tab above, to scope the rest of the shots.

Dark Crusade ships this fall.

June 9, 2006