Want to know the best thing about the GTA IV trailer?

So, we'vewatched itand we'vedissected it, but do you want to know the best thing about the new GTA IV trailer? Nine words: Niko "I'm a bad ass Eastern European immigrant" Bellic.

In the rush to scrutinize the trailer's minutiae, Grand Theft Auto's newest main man has been criminally overlooked. This guy is going to be the embodiment of our felonious actions in the most anticipated game of the year - probably the decade - and we're all too busy checking out Liberty City's advertising hoardings to even notice him? What the hell are we all thinking?

Any fears that Rockstar made the wrong call casting "a foreigner" in the lead role have surely been vaporized by Bellic's performance. He looks like he's freshly thawed from the Ice Age and he walks with a swagger that makes gangsta limpin' look like the perambulation of sissy boys. His Commie chic is totally fresh and his accent is music to the ears - it certainly breaks the tedium of hearing the rugged tones of yet another all-American hero.

He already has the presence of a character with real character and in gaming that's a rare commodity indeed. Niko Bellic is a dude. CJ? We ain't missing you at all.

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June 29, 2007