Overkill's The Walking Dead game is better than the TV show UPDATE - Trailer

You'd think that the executive producer of The Walking Dead TV series would be a little more loyal to his undead baby. Yet at the pre-E3 party for Overkill's The Walking Dead, he happily professed the upcoming game to be better than anything that's come before in the Robert Kirkman created universe.

“I have to say the craziest ass idea that’s ever been pitched to us was ‘can you turn the Walking Dead into a co-op shooter'," he enthused. "So we sat down with these crazy guys at Starbreeze and we told them what we wanted to do and they said ‘hell yeah, we can do that'. We’ve been working on this thing since last year and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to because it’s going to be amazing. It’s going to blow your minds. I think it’s the greatest thing we’ve done yet in the Walking Dead universe.”

Given the success of the TV show now in its sixth season and a new spin off this year, this is no mean feat. Add in the two seasons of Telltale's The Walking Dead getting us right in the feels and the team clearly has a lot of faith in Payday 2 devs, Starbreeze.

Not just content with games, Starbreeze has announced its own VR headset. Using InfinitEye technology, the StarVR headset has an impressive field of view of 210 degrees which covers more than 75% of human vision. Apparently there is no sensation of wearing blinders, making the StarVR headset more immersive than its competitors and it comes with headtracking and gyroscope technology. That's another headset to save up for then. Project StarVR will be demoing Overkill's The Walking Dead at E3 2015 this week. Check out the trailer for the new Oculus competitor below.

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