Walk in a winter World Of Warcraft

Nothing unites the world like Christmas - in mutual hatred of Sir Cliff, Slade and Ron Wood - and the good people of Azeroth are no different for they too are decking their Dells with boughs of holly in the .

From the 15 December any players of WoW will find Jinglepocket Goblins selling seasonal fare in the game's cities, mistletoe-bearing drunkards spawning, spewing and respawning in every pub and even rideable reindeer.

If you're suffering with a +10 Humbug rating there are also numerous festive quests to undertake, including: recovering a lost reindeer, turning yourself into a real snowman and finding the ideal present for a girlfriend who 'really doesn't mind what you get her', so long as it's expensive and perfect.

Of course, being godless heathens most of the people of Azeroth worship dung, frogs or a mythical force that binds all the living things in the universe together, and so in WoW they are celebrating their Christmas from 15 December until 2 January.