Waiting for StarCraft 2

A Flash-based game based on Blizzard's StarCraft is just the thing to entertain you while your Sunday lunch digests.

StarCraft Flash Action 5, as the Flash project is called, is a game that's inspired by Blizzard's RTS rather than a direct port of the classic.

The author describes it as a defense game, and playing the Zerg you're required to build a base and defend it from Terran and Protoss combined assaults. Be warned that you're advised that a pretty decent CPU is required for play, Pentium 4 2.5 to 3Ghz recommended by the author.

It's actually been around a while, but if you've never stumbled across it before download links for StarCraft Flash Action 5can be found here.

We wonder what Blizzard made of it...

June 11, 2007