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VOTE Your favourite Superheroes

Time for another SFX vote-storm.

Simple question: who are your favourite superheroes?

Results to be announced in an upcoming super secret SFX project (though some of you may have spotted a pattern, and will be able to work out what that is.

The rules:

1) We want you to vote for your top three superheroes of all time. We'll then award three points to your number one vote, two to your second and one to your third.

2) Which superheroes are eligible? You decide. Trying to define what a superhero is always leads to arguments (some people will still swear blind that Batman isn’t one because he has no superpowers, or Flash Gordon is because he started in comics). But we tend to find these polls are self-regulating: the more eligible candidates get more votes and the dafter suggestions don't. So waste a vote trying to get Doctor Who into the final countdown if you really want to, but it'll be a wasted vote. We'd rather you voted sensibly, so your votes count.

3) To register your votes either:

• Post them in this thread on the SFX forum
• Post them in the comments section at the bottom of this story
• Email them to (with superhero in the subject line please)