Viva Pinata trailer warms our hearts

Xbox 360 paper animal collecting game Viva Pinata makes us smile every time we see it, so that's four more smiles and a grin today thanks to the latest clutch of screenshots and trailer. Just hit the Images and Movies tabs above to see them for yourself.

The movie gives some indication as to how the game plays, although we have to say the human character looks a little out of place. The four shots also show some features we haven't seen before, such as a rainstorm and a snowy mountain with a suspicious-looking opening at its peak - could there be rare Pinata in there?

Due for a pre-Christmas release, a special edition version will be available for a limited time, which includes a bonus disc full of additional features, including an episode of the Viva Pinata animation series.

The disc will also contain family-friendly playable demos in the shape of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Time Pilot, Marble Blast and (wait for it) Frogger. The whole special edition package is expected to retail at $49.99 - that should equate to a whole load of smiles to the pound.

September 26, 2006

Justin Towell

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