Valve gives us Team Fortress 2 early!

Sept 12, 2007

Reporting Live from Valve towers in Bellevue: the house of Half-Life has confirmed that a fully-fledged Team Fortress beta is coming ahead of the game's release next month - for everyone who pre-purchases The Orange Box on Steam.

Start pre-loading the three-game pack - which also includes Portal and Half-Life 2: Episode Two - and you'll be able to hop into TF2 on Monday, September 17. Good news for those who've been waiting nearly ten years for the thing.

We're playing the full game at Valve right now and can confirm that it's prettier than a Pixar porno (but not the kind with rats or cars).

Valve tell us the beta will probably start with a handful of maps at first, but all of the game's colourful character classes will be available from the beginning.

Look for our full review of Orange Box shortly...

Courtesy of CVG