Valhalla Knights - hands-on

Tell us if you heard this one. A priest, samurai and elf walk into a bar and start tearing shit up. No? While not exactly the premise to XSEED's dungeon-crawling, action RPG Valhalla Knights, it should give you a sense of the almost limitless choices you have when forming your party of beastie-slaying experts. And make no mistake; you'll be doing plenty of demon ass-kicking.

Almost immediately upon starting Knights, you're thrust into a character creation mode to build a digital counterpart, where you'll have to decide on a job class. But be wise, because every choice you make in Knights has an impact on gameplay. Nothing breaks the mold here: fighters are all-around decent adventurers; mages are adept at magic and so on.

Customization doesn't stop there; you'll be able to create tons of characters to join your party - as many as you want - of which you can hold six at a given time, each with separate races and job classes. What's cool is that you can change pretty much anything whenever you want in Knights. Don't like that staff you're using in battle? Switch it out for a long sword and hack that skeleton to bits. Too slow walking around as a priest? Change to your Halfling ninja by pressing Select and zip around the castle map.