US Air Force orders 300 PS3s

The US Air Force wants to use PS3 to help it develop super planes that fly at the speed of light. Maybe.

That's complete speculation (from the Star Wars fan inside us), but what is true is that the USAF has issued a Request for Proposal (an order, on our terms) for 300 40GB PS3 consoles.

"The Air Force Research Laboratory is conducting a technology assessment of certain cell processors," it says on theFamitsuofficial document. "The processors in the Sony PlayStation 3 are the only brand on the market that utilizes the specific cell processor characteristics needed for this program at an acceptable cost."

They're making sure they don't get shafted on faulty machines, though. "Offerors shall provide at least the same warranty terms, including offers of extended warranties, offered to the general public in customary commercial practice," it says, probably in case the Blu-ray drive stops reading discs.

Are they making super space ships, or the most pimped out F-16 ever? We don't know, but it does remind us of reports back in 2000 that Saddam Hussein had bought 4000 PS2s to build military supercomputers.

That plan didn't go too well, did it?

Courtesy of CVG

Mar 5, 2008