Urban Chaos: Riot Response

The Burners, by contrast, have Molotov cocktails that smash right through the otherwise-indestructible T-Zero shields. They also carry sawed-off shotguns and dynamite charges, and get four bigger guns to choose from: paired Uzis, an assault rifle, a grenade launcher or a Magnum hand-cannon.

But if you really want your opponents to cower, you can whip out your answer to the taser: a hand-held buzzsaw. It only works at close range, but there are few things as empowering as taking down a couple of T-Zeros at once with it. Or just revving it while charging at an officer's unprotected back.

Switching between these weapons was as easy as hitting one of the controller's face buttons, and the instant variety of weapons - as well as the riot-shield-centric tactics of the T-Zero team, which madefor a nice change of pace-kept things from sliding into stale, straight-up deathmatch territory. The game types themselves are pretty standard stuff, though; we played through normal team deathmatches, hostage-rescue scenarios, a mode where the Burners have to blow up T-Zero vans and another where one team has to control a strategic point for five minutes to win.