Urban Chaos: Riot Response

The city is on fire, and it's your job to put it out - with bullets. The civic-minded shooter Urban Chaos: Riot Response is shaping up nicely for its June release, and we recently went a few rounds with the PS2 version's frantic online multiplayer mode. Where we got shot. In the head. A lot. (Seriously, clickhere to see for yourself.)

Our abysmal performance aside - and the lesson here is not to play against the guys who made the game -multiplayer in Urban Chaos is promising. While the single-player mode has you commanding emergency-services personnel while you attempt to put down a rampaging gang of masked pyromaniacs, multiplayer has no such complexity. It's a team-based kill-a-thon, and whether you're trying to destroy enemy bases, rescue hostages or just blow each other to hell, it should be familiar territory to online shooter fans.

At the start of each round, players pick a team - either the law-enforcing T-Zero officers, or the anarchic, mask-wearing Burners gang. This is more than just choosing a skin, though, as each side gets its own arsenal.

Pick T-Zero, and you'll automatically have a riot shield that's impervious to most direct attacks and can be used to bash bad guys into submission. You'll only get two guns to choose from - a shotgun and an assault rifle - although any weapons your rivals drop can be used as well. You'll also get a pistol, stun grenades and a taser, which you can use to either incapacitate the Burners or set them on fire.