Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Roll Call, Zero Tolerance: City Under Fire and now Urban Chaos: Riot Response… phew. Rocksteady Studios’ schizophrenic riot-‘em-up has gone through more name changes than P Diddy. Still, it’s almost here now, and that’s all that really matters eh?

In a refreshing departure from your usual first-person shooter back-story, a gang called the Burners have laid siege to our hero’s city, instigating mass rioting and civil unrest.

Set over a period of 12 months, you’ll attempt to restore order by working alongside your valiant Emergency Service buddies. Issue commands via the D-pad and firemen will smash down doors; medics will dispense health packs while you get on with the business of killing. This is a real team effort.

In another cool spin on the genre, Mason lugs around a massive riot shield. But this is much, much more than a simple gimmick.

Later on in the game, gang members will wield their own shields and you’ll batter one another into dazed submission. It’s an unique experience- think Sumo wrestling meets stag rutting. With minigun-wielding maniacs lying in wait around every corner, it pays to keep your guard up.