Every Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt interactive episode ending explained

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The interactive episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has arrived, and fans are already exploring the many, many endings available to them. As with Bandersnatch – the interactive episode of Black Mirror – the new episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt offers multiple outcomes, with some better than others. 

The Netflix special, titled Kimmy vs. The Reverend, is a fun, twisted adventure that reunites Ellie Kemper's "mole woman" with her best friends in New York. However, while wedding bells for Kimmy and her prince charming may be ringing, a twist sees the eponymous do-gooder discover that John Hamm's Reverend – who held Kimmy captive for years – has captured another group of women, forcing them underground. How will she save them? What revenge will she take? Which wedding dress will she choose? Those are all decisions you make along the way as you try to get Kimmy ready to get married. 

Each decision, as with Bandersnatch, effects the ending. Also like that episode, we're still discovering multiple different endings for Kimmy vs. The Reverend. Here are the bulk of the major endings – thanks to Vulture for spotting a few we missed.

The happy ending

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The ending we all want. When Kimmy confront the Reverend in the forest, she decides to let the villain live. By doing so, she quickly discovers that the captured girls are being kept in a bunker under that very forest. The girls are then freed, Hamm's villain gets kicked to death in prison, and – most importantly – Kimmy and Frederick (Daniel Radcliffe) get married and live happily ever after with a potential baby on the way. It's gloriously lovely, and the rightful ending for our Kimmy.

The less happy but still happy ending

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This one sees Kimmy freeing the girls, getting married, and the Reverend getting his comeuppance in prison. However, on a side adventure where Jacqueline stalls for Titus during his movie shoot, the MeToo and Time's Up movements are accidentally brought to an end. This leaves everyone feeling resentful of Kimmy, especially Jacqueline, who comments: "Raggedy Ann gets a happy ending, but everyone hates her young, hot Gen-Z friend? Uh-nuh. Start over." And start over we shall...

Killing the Reverend: bazooka, stomping, shooting

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When Kimmy confronts the Reverend, there are four different options on how to deal with the villain: bazooka him, stomp on him, shoot him, or spare him. Sparing him leads to the above two happy endings. Choose one of the other three, though, and you end up killing the Reverend, all of which leads to slightly different – and particularly strange – outcomes.

By bazookering the Reverend, you end up accidentally killing Kimmy also. This leads to Frederick cloning Kimmy using one of her hairs, but Frederick's family disown him and the newlywed couple end up in Harrisburg.

Should you choose to stomp on the Reverend, then you witness Kimmy being driven insane after the Rev. uses his last words to reveal that the captured girls are somewhere in the forest. However, Kimmy's unable to find them and goes and lives in the hills, while Frederick – who becomes King of England – marries Jacqueline’s daughter, Xanthippe.

Finally, decide to shoot the Reverend and Kimmy quickly moves on to find the girls. Yet, she never returns to the woods where they are being kept. Frederick ends up marrying Lillian.

Bonus ending! After choosing all three methods of killing the Reverend, you get a bonus scene where he hangs out with the puppet Mr. Frumpus. Of course, they think they're in heaven...

The Reverend accidentally dies

Decide to chat with The Reverend rather than start inquiring about the girls while he's in prison, and you end up with a dead Reverend. That's because the evil child snatcher will decide to bust out some Michael Jackson dance moves, crack his head on the visitors' booth, and quickly die. That, unfortunately, leaves Kimmy with no leads and she gives up on her journey. The meta Titus, though, let's us know that's not the proper ending. “That doesn’t seem like the right ending, does it? Who are you, me at Chipotle? Because you’ve made some bad choices that affect everyone."

The Reverend gets away

Of course, getting to the Reverend in the first place takes certain steps. Kimmy must read the book at the beginning of the episode instead of planning the wedding or smooching with Frederick (more on that later) to work out where the Reverend is going ("To Florida, where everything is legal!). Without reading the book, Kimmy's unable to deduce where the Reverend takes the girls. 

However, you do get another chance to read the book as time rewinds and you end up back at the gas station with Johnny Knoxville. There, you can choose whether Titus or Kimmy reads the book to the Reverend's abandoned baby. Choose Kimmy, and she realises that the Reverend has gone to Florida. Choose Titus, and you get some withering baby put-downs, but also a sad ending. In conclusion: read the book or don't capture the Reverend!

Leaving the baby

When you meet the baby at Knoxville's station, you can choose to move on without the child, therefore abandoning it once again. Do that and, despite your best efforts, you miss capturing the Reverend once again. "Kimmy is a good person, and you're not making good choices for her," Mikey scolds. "That just got dark, like that show Spooky Mirror."

Smooch Frederick

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Kimmy wants to kiss Frederick, obviously. But can you let her? No! Choose to makeout with the English prince and face the wrath of Titus. “What is wrong with you?” he says. “You know you have to read that dumb book, but you keep making these pasty children tongue down. If you’re trying to prove you’re straight, it’s not working.” Sorry Kimmy, we ain't got time for smooches!

Call Donna for a quick ending

Remember when we said make sure Kimmy reads the book? Well, if Kimmy rings Donna instead of Gretchen or Cyndee, then her fellow former captive persuades her not to read the book by saying her drive for revenge is all due to PTSD. “Don’t let the Reverend do this to you again, okay?” she implores. As a result, Kimmy stays put, married Frederick, and lives happily – while those poor girls remain in the Reverend's bunker. No, Kimmy, go save the day!

Everyone dies

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Should Titus decide not to follow Kimmy on her route to getting the Reverend, then prepare for the darkest of all the timelines. Kimmy calls Jacqueline, and the two take a private jet flown by Jacqueline's teenage son, who fakes having piloting license. Can you see where this is going? The jet crashes, killing everyone aboard. And then Titus, who decided to burn some calories, ends up also dies due to a treadmill accident. Yep, this is not the ending anyone wants.

Kimmy and Titus die

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Off on their adventure, the duo can decide to either walk or order an Uber that's 4,000 minutes away. Unfortunately, after waiting 4,000 minutes, they starve to death and become skeletons. Then there are two endings – you can observe the Uber driver giving them one star, and then click to watch the same sequence again and choose the Uber again to see the beginnings of a robot uprising. "The last good humans are dead. We can proceed," says one of our new robot overlords as they see the skeletons. 

Disrespecting Lynyrd Skynyrd

Starving Kimmy and Titus is not the only way to kill the duo. When singing "Free Bird" at the West Virginia bar to gain the locals' trust, Titus, it turns out, does not know the words to Lynyrd Skynyrd. As a result, the police are called (code 649: disrespecting Lynyrd Skynyrd), and a shootout takes place. Who knew West Virginian bar's patrons would get so furious over Titus's lack of respect for the Skynyrd?

Skipping the theme song Easter egg

Not an ending, but a fun easter egg. Try to skip the theme song and you get an extended remix of the song. “Now you get more theme song,” says the man in the opening credits. So, if you're looking to get quickly back into the action, don't click that skip button – it'll only take longer. 

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