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Your Fallout 4 digital pre-order on Xbox One might be the wrong file

If you've already got your Xbox One digital pre-order sorted for Fallout 4, Bethesda has announced that you might have the wrong file on your hard drive. Don't worry though, it's not the end of the world as you know it. There's an easy fix.

If you pre-ordered before October 27th and you're not using Instant On power mode then you might have the incorrect 'stub file.' This needs deleted and then the title needs to be reinstalled. Just follow the steps below as outlined by the Bethesda forum post. Now you're ready for the end of the world.

1. Navigate to My Games & Apps.
2. Find the title's tile in Games.
3. With the tile highlighted, press the [Menu] button on your controller.
4. Select Manage Game.
5. In the Manage Game screen, select the storage device the game is currently installed to.
6. Select Uninstall.
7. Once the game has uninstalled, return to My Games & Apps.
8. Scroll right to the "Ready to Install" section under Games.
9. Highlight the title's tile.
10. Press [A] to select.
11. Choose Install

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