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Win $5000 for your best custom made Trials HD track

Do you enjoy inflicting psychological pain upon yourself? How do you feel about throwing controllers into your television set and screaming curse words at unsuspecting family members? If you're a fan of either, then you probably know about Trials HD, the crash-tastic motorcycle stunt game/torture device that hit XBLA last year. But what you might not know about is the upcoming 40 level strong DLC pack titled "Big Thrills", or the accompanying contest and prizes.

If you've got a great idea for a custom made track, or if you've already made one, you may just want to head on over to theRedLynx contestpage and find out how to enter. The top three spots will win $5000, $3000 and $1000 in that order, with the seven remaining winners earning some swag in the form of a sweatshirt and flag. All 10 winners will have their levels featured in the DLC content pack along with featuring their names in the credits. The contest is only allowing for 10,000 submissions total, however, so if you want to get in before the August 18th cutoff date you'd better get crashing.

Jul 22, 2010