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Why we need more SSX (and might just get it)

There’s a whole lot of (admittedly sketchy) evidence knocking around that a new SSX might yet happen, but will it? Could it? Should it? And if it does, what form should it take?Read on and I’ll give you a full run down of all of the above.

Should it happen? (Yes)

Above: If you don't need more of that in your life, you are already emotionally dead

Of course it should. The SSX series is the biggest, most beautiful, most exhilarating and most inventive snowboarding franchise ever made, and a brand new HD sequel would be one of the pinnacles of human achievement thus far. You should feel a bit silly for asking.

Is it happening?

Well the thing is, a lot of SSX’s original developers at EA Big (EA’s old extreme sports label) have now filtered out around the company, and many of them are working on the Skate franchise. There have however, been definite teasers coming out of EA from a different source over the last couple of years.

Above: Hope hits us in a 200 mph smash

If you know SSX, and played a lot of Burnout Paradise, and left the radio DJ switched on (which you probably did if you know SSX), then you’ll already be aware of what I’m talking about. DJing duties on both SSX 3 and Burnout Paradise were conducted by one DJ Atomika. He was also referenced in Burnout 3, thoroughly cementing the idea that both franchises exist in the same world. But why is this important for SSX?

One of his lines of dialogue in BP concerns a message from Mac Fraser, one of SSX’s playable characters, which explained that the snow was falling on Big Mountain (SSX’s setting) and would be ready to ride soon. Obviously though, that message came through a good while ago, and nothing has happened since.


In January Criterion’s Twitter feed mentioned that Crash FM would be off air for the day because Atomika was away riding Peak 3. Maybe just a reference to the UK’s severe snow early this year, but a bit suspicious to reference the franchise if it isn’t still considered current, right? Has EA got Criterion working on a new sequel? Is it all just a load of teasing in-jokery from an SSX fanboy at the Burnout dev? We don’t know for definite, but more official word from EA has recently implied that the franchise certainly isn’t considered dead.

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