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What are you most thankful for about gaming?

You just had a super long day, man… and it was a bad day, too. You woke up and your goldfish was dead. You forgot to study for a test and failed it miserably. And to top it all off your car had a flat tire. You pop in your favorite game and instantly all your worries go away--it's time to escape to a land where you're the boss and everything is just so much damn fun. With Thanksgiving around the corner we wanted to ask…

What are you most thankful for about gaming?

I am thankful for games allowing me to experience stories on a whole new level. I can sit back and be told an incredible story and then, get this… I get to say where the story goes next! The Walking Dead made me, Greg Henninger, a part of the story, making me feel like an important part of the whole project.

Let us know in the comments what you are most thankful for in gaming!

Community Manager for Gamesradar