Virtua Tennis 3

Exactly what does physics mean to you? Sleep? Bearded old men? Hieroglyphic formulas? Fair enough. But it’s really, really important in games with balls. Honestly, it is - that’s why Winning Eleven Soccer’s so brilliant, why the FIFA games are suddenly not shit and why the Virtua Tennis games work so well. The simple bounce of a tennis ball and the way it moves through the air got nailed with Virtua Tennis 2, to such an extent that it doesn’t need fiddling with.

That, and the accessible, yet subtle controls means you can expect Virtua Tennis 3 to be more of the same - bigger, shinier and with added breasts. It’s drop dead gorgeous. Players no longer look like pioneering face transplant patients - Sharapova is pretty hot - and the courts and crowds bristle with tiny details. You won’t need a big HDTV to play it on, but it’d be a shame to miss out on all of VT3’s loveliness.