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Verizon nabs Madden mobile exclusivity for Droid X

EA has talked about bringing the Madden series to Android, but we've yet to see it materialize. It looks like that will change soon. But for now, the only confirmed device for it is the Droid X.

Droid-Lifeobtained a document detailing the new update to the Droid X, which will bring all sorts of enhancements. But the one we care about is that Madden NFL 11 will be automatically pushed through with the new firmware.

It's interesting that EA would prepare the game specifically for the Droid X, which is not exactly the best-selling Android device. It kind of got usurped by the Droid 2, which came out very shortly after its launch. It's also been the victim of numerous bugs and glitches since its upgrade to Android 2.2.

Perhaps this is some small peace offering Verizon worked with EA to get. Game developers and publishers have historically had a hard time with Android because of the swath of devices out there, each with different specs and capabilities. Looks like EA is choosing the solid Droid family to start with for Madden.

The Droid X update page does not mention a release date, and acts as though it's advertising something that already came out, so it shouldn't be too much longer.

Dec 6, 2010