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The Town Of Light brings psychological horror to Xbox One

After surviving Layers Of Fear, you might quite fancy a horror experience that's not all about the jump scares.The Town Of Light could be just that game. Newly announced for Xbox One, this first person slice of psychological terror takes place in asylum and, while that might sound like typical shlock horror material, this is all based on extensive research of the Italian mental health system during the 1970s.

While the story is of a fictional woman reliving her experiences of the asylum when she was 16, the facts surrounding the place are very real and dev team has painstakingly recreated the location. What we've seen so far still has the scary dolls and creaking doors of traditional horror but these accompany a disturbing tale of the problems associated with mental healthcare. The game is out on PC on February 26 and will be out on Xbox One later this year. Check out the trailer below.

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