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Tom Cruise gets musical with Rock Of Ages?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s name has been in the headlines a lot this last week, thanks to the announcement of Top Gun 2 .

But just in case the pint-sized scientologist fancies doing something a little bit different, he’s also been offered a role in a movie adap of Rock Of Ages , the glam rock, ‘80s-loving stage musical.

A fourth-wall-shattering rockfest, the show is being turned into a movie, and Cruise is tipped for an as-yet-unspecified supporting role.

Word has it that the actor, who's currently filming Mission: Impossible IV , has always wanted to be in a musical - and considering his mad turn in Tropic Thunder , he might be more open-minded about rocking out on-screen than we initially thought.

As long as he gets ripped jeans, a leather jacket, and a suitably bouffant mullet, we’re happy… Though we'll see red if there's even the slightest hint of dad dancing.