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Things you can’t sleep with in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

We liked the new expansion for Dragon Age: Origins. That’s why we gave it a nine-out-of-ten. Unfortunately, there are no romance options in Awakening, which makes us rather sad because there’s a ton of great new characters for your party. Check out some of the new cast members you won’t be getting cozy with next to the campfire in the epic expansion for one of the finest fantasy RPGs of all time.


Above: Dwarves would’ve loved the chance to buy Sigrun a pint (or ten). Nothing’s hotter (or stouter) than a lass who can hold her liquor as well as she can hold a mob’s aggro


Above: Necrophiliacs would’ve loved to get more intimate with Justice, a mysterious adventurer who finds himself trapped in the body of a dead Grey Warden


Above: Scoundrels would’ve loved to take advantage of Mhairi, a doe-eyed admirer of the Grey Wardens who is eager to please


Above: The lack of romance options also robs players of the ability to test their charms on a female elf. In this case, her name is Velanna and there will be no wooing at all

Queen of the Blackmarsh

Above: We can only imagine what it would’ve been like to mount this majestic beast and ride her into the sunset. Conquering her dragon heart could’ve been the most epic conquest in the history of RPGs

Mar 17, 2010