Things lost in the history of Mario

Description: For whatever reason, the Goombas in this level live in giant wind-up shoes. Coax them out of their hidey-hole using Mario%26rsquo;s rear end and our hero can himself start to enjoy all the benefits of living in a giant green boot. Which is largely limited to being able to hop around on spiky enemies without fear of injury.

Reason for demise: Did this really happen? It%26rsquo;s totally surreal, even in the context of a world where the hilltops have eyes and large mushrooms are capable of scampering across flat surfaces. He%26rsquo;s perhaps just too strange to ever come back.

Chances of a grand return: 6/10

Note Block
First seen:
Super Mario Bros 3
Last seen: Super Mario World

Description: Bouncy blocks that catapulted Mario up to heights that his stubby little legs just couldn%26rsquo;t reach under their own steam. Pink note blocks launched Mario so high that he%26rsquo;d end up in %26lsquo;Coin Heaven%26rsquo; %26ndash; bonus stage or coma-induced dream? You decide.

Reason for demise: For whatever reason, New Super Mario Bros Wii replaced the note block with little checkered slabs that look like a Yoshi might be lurking inside them. They%26rsquo;re otherwise identical in functionality, so the old note block has probably been retired.

Chances of a grand return: 1/10

First seen: Super Mario Bros 2
Last seen: Super Smash Bros Brawl

Description:...or are they radishes? Whatever they are, they can be found in Subcon in abundance. Once plucked out of the ground, they can be lobbed at anything that crosses your path. Few creatures can take a turnip square on the jaw and live to tell the tale.

Reason for demise: Deshelled Koopas already give Mario a good line in projectiles. We%26rsquo;ll probably see the turnips (or are they beetroot?) again some time for nostalgic purposes, but they%26rsquo;ll never again be a major part of a Mario game.

Chances of a grand return: 7/10

Triangular Block
First seen: Super Mario World
Last seen: A few secret levels in Mario Advance 4: Super Mario
Bros 3

Description: Usually found lurking next to a pipe or wall. If Mario runs at these jolly little fellows at full pelt, the upwards momentum will allow him to sprint straight up the vertical surface.

Reason for demise: Since his SNES days, Mario has learned the wall-jump technique, which means he can scale vertical obstacles without being at the mercy of a tiny grinning doorstop.

Chances of a grand return: 4/10

Jul 5, 2010

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