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"Stop sleeping on something this good": This cult horror game Devotion is your next favourite scarefest

Some people actually enjoy being scared. I don’t understand why, but you know what: you do you. If you are one of those people, then by the sounds of the internet and the distant screaming I can hear coming from Steam you should be playing Devotion, a Taiwanese horror game about an intensely religious family sets in the 80s. Exploring the apartment as the surroundings shift and twist before your eyes, you’ll be figuring out what happened to the people who lived there. Made by Red Candle Games, it’s first-person horror at its best, and both the Steam reviews and Twitter are going nuts about it. Don’t believe me? Read on...

Expect some damned good scares 

Our own Senior News Editor Rachel Weber (and certified horror fiend), flat-out admitted that it made her freak the hell out multiple times. With environmental design that brightens up dark, dingy environments with bursts of colour, Devotion’s design and atmosphere is apparently just as unsettling as shadowed rooms typically featured in horror games...

Liked Silent Hill 2, PT, or Layers of Fear? Devotion is for you

Some have been quick to compare Devotion to classic horror titles like Silent Hill 2, and it’s even been mentioned in the same breath as PT. Just in case you needed even more convincing of its pedigree. A handful of the Steam reviews especially praise how it nails the look of a 1980’s Taiwanese apartment, while the short length (around three hours) and fact that it’s a horror walking simulator means that experiencing Devotion is more like watching a movie than playing a game, which is definitely a good thing in my book. Even seasoned game developers like Nina Freeman are appealing to the Twitterverse to play it, like, yesterday.

And hey, if you get too scared while playing it, take a break and enjoy this stunning Devotion fan art:

If you’ve already played Devotion (speedy one, aren’t ya?), why not browse our list of the best horror games to play right now.